Consistency Rules & The Role of Video Advertising Frequency

Advertising is not a one-time affair - it requires consistency if it's going to work.

Video advertising pioneer Yume released some rather interesting data that correlates the frequency of online video ad exposure with brand awareness and purchase consideration. 

The research revealed that while one video exposure is sufficient to trigger increases across all awareness metrics, multiple exposures garner even higher brand awareness scores. For purchase intent and brand favorability specifically, ads were most effective at a minimum of nine exposures. 

"As advertisers look to reach a maximum return on investment for their digital online video spend, this study helps to identify the ad frequency and ad length 'sweet spots' to drive purchase intent and brand favorability based on normative insights," says Mike O'Donnell, Senior Vice President North American Sales, YuMe. 

"Every dollar counts when budgeting for digital advertising. By understanding the optimal ad frequency that often leads to greater results, marketers can ensure they're reaching the minimum number of exposures, rather than the maximum, to get the highest return on their investment."