December Brings BIG Engagement Increases for Facebook Promotions

What's the best month to run a Facebook promotion? December, of course - so get going!

App building platform Shortstack recently examined data from 50,000 active Facebook pages and 300,000 custom Facebook Page apps (which in total cater to more than 1.4 billion Facebook fans) and found that there were notable increases in engagement metrics during the month of December.

The ShortStack analysis found that custom Facebook Page apps, such as those built by the self-service app design tool, resulted in a 66 percent increase in contest submissions, a 57 percent increase in custom Facebook Page app shares, a 47 percent increase in custom Facebook Page app views, and a 33 percent increase in custom Facebook Page app shares to specific Facebook friends.

"We are starting to hear more and more about the importance of being online during the holidays," said ShortStack CEO, Jim Belosic. "However, we were surprised at the large increase in fan actions that relate directly to custom Facebook apps during the month of December," said Belosic. "They were significantly higher than other months, proving that the Holidays are a crucial time for businesses to be on social networks."

Shortstack speculated that businesses were likely seeing the increase in shares and views thanks to holiday campaigns being run at the same time in order to highlight products and gifts for the holiday season.