Digital Ad Spend Grows 47% in Q1 & Q2

Advertising technology company the Rubicon Project has released its tenth installment of its Online Advertising Market Report series. According to the study, digital ad spend grew 47 percent in the first half of the year as audience buying, an increase in spend from international marketers and automation drive the growth

At the beginning of Q2, CPMs across the Rubicon 20 Index (a measure of performance across a number of factors including CPM, revenue and traffic volume on twenty of the Web's most heavily-trafficked properties) have risen by an average of 25 percent vs. Q1 2010. Overall, the Index has grown 47 percent, on a trend line basis, from the start of 2010 to the midpoint of the year.

Additional forecasts and trends identified and addressed can be accessed here.

"Ad spend and revenue have both been strong and growing in 2010. Given the proliferation of solution providers and industry players to the market, all working to increase the overall flow of revenue from offline to online, this increase is no surprise," said Kara Weber, Vice President of Marketing at the Rubicon Project. "That said, it's more important than ever for publishers to define their strategies to compete in a challenging market, taking advantage of new opportunities like RTB while fighting to protect the value they've created with high-quality content, well developed audiences and a carefully cultivated advertiser base."