Discovering Better Inventory with Smaato

Smaato released its Demand Platform (SDX) back in 2016 to provide its partners the ability to specify the type of mobile inventory they preferred to receive, which made mobile ad spend more targeted and efficient for buyers.

The product/platform was well received at the time, but the company is now taking that capability a few (dramatic) steps forward.

Smaato just announced a new SDX feature called Inventory Discovery, which is designed to deliver more powerful and refined controls for Smaato partners.

The system's new Discovery tab essentially allows buyers to see and filter their view of available mobile inventory relevant to their campaign's needs. 

The new feature will provide buyers a broader and comprehensive set of filters that can be applied to any traffic query, providing insights into only the available inventory relevant to their campaign's needs on the Smaato platform. These buyers are able to set filters like QPS, Time, Geography, Ad Format, and Operating System to avoid ad spend on mobile inventory that just does not meet campaign objectives.

Perhaps most interesting for ad buyers is that the Smaato also makes it possible to turn those INventory Discover selections into an SDX Line ITem and to start receiving targeted bid requests immediately.