Does Pay-Per-Call Really Ring Up the Revenue?

Performance marketing company Pepperjam Network, now part of GSI Commerce, has partnered with call performance marketing company RingRevenue.

You don't see much in the way of discussion about pay-per-call programs outside of an announcement here and there that another network is offering it to their affiliate publishers. That could likely be attributed to it either being the ultimate secret weapon of elite publishers and super affiliates, or it providing so little value that publishers and merchants won't touch it with a ten-foot virtual pole. That being said, pay-per-call has been around for a while so there likely is something to it.

Merchants setting up campaigns on the platform will have options to set up custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, customized call routing preferences, and geo targeting, as well as manage publisher commissions based on the quality of calls they receive. Publishers will receive access to call-tracking numbers, call analytics and creative services to help optimize and scale campaigns.

"Pepperjam has a strong reputation in the market for innovation and commitment to partnership transparency. It has a solid publisher base that specializes in promotional methods like e-mail and search where the inclusion of phone numbers has been shown to improve performance and click-through rates up to 30 percent," said RingRevenue CEO Jason Spievak. "We look forward to working with the Pepperjam team to grow its pay-per-call program."