Epom Receives Multimillion Dollar Investment

In an exclusive to Website Magazine, Epom, an ad server for display, mobile, applications and video, announced it has acquired a private investment of $7 million. 

According to the company's official announcement, the multimillion dollar private investment will be used to improve existing products for corporate clients and the development of new solutions.

"It is the new chapter in the history of Epom, and we are ready to start it", said CEO of Epom (smiling).

As he also explained, the received funding will be applied for the upgrade of Epom Ad Server Networks and further elevate the company's rating on the global market. 

For the unfamiliar, Epom was established in 2010 and is a Kiev-based company that develops ad serving and ad management solutions for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks and advertisers. Epom enables its users to run display, video, mobile ads in one place thus saving time and resources and bringing more profit. Epom is a massively scalable platform suitable for any impressions volume that needs to be served.