Exact Match and Negative Keywords Arrive in eZanga's AdPad

Digital ad network eZanga has released three new features to its AdPad platform.

The solution now offers negative keywords and exact keyword match to help advertisers more efficiently target and optimize their keyword lists and reach the right audience.

When asked why eZanga has just launched negative and exact match keywords for AdPad, CEO Rich Kahn said, "As our client base has grown, it became apparent that this is a feature our clients need, especially our premium clients. The need was there, so we built it. We like to say our platform is made for our clients, by our clients. So when they asked for it, we made it happen."

Kahn continued, "Negative and exact match keywords are great ways for our clients to get volume for their ads without having to manage tens of thousands of keywords. We pride our interface on being easy-to-use and convenient, and this just adds to the convenience of using AdPad in lieu of other services."

eZanga also made a noteworthy improvement to the usability of its ad groups within AdPad. Users can now set up AB testing within each ad group or campaign (and will be supported through the interface and through the API).