Facebook News Feed Ads Outperforming Google

At the end of March, Facebook opened up its news feed ad inventory to the Facebook Exchange (FBX), allowing advertisers to retarget their site visitors.


But how have those ads performed?


A new report from FBX partner Triggit, from two retail-focused FBX news feed campaigns, suggests the news feeds ads outperformed the right-rail FBX ads as well as ads from Google AdX.


Triggit, which expected to see a click-through rate five times higher before the first News Feed campaign launched, actually saw CTR's 25 times higher, suggesting that "these results are now the norm around here at Triggit." 


The CPAs for News Feed retargeting was also 50% to 30% cheaper than FBX's right-hand rail ads and up to 70-90% cheaper than retargeting on Google properties. 


Facebook officially expanded the inventory offering to its FBX partners in May.