Finding the Causal Impact of Ad Viewability

Integral Ad Science released a new product in late September that provides insights into the impact that ad campaigns have on conversions and ROI through the measurement of what it is calling "causal" conversions. This could be a major advancement in digital advertising as most conversion analysis considers only viewable ads.

The solution, dubbed Causal Impact, allows for in-flight optimization and comparison of performance between media partners. As a result, the ad tech product could provide a rather powerful view into which of an advertiser's media partners are most effective in influencing consumers and driving conversions. That's rather significant as more and more advertisers are open to shifting how they approach and employ marketing attribution models.

"I see this as the first commercial solution which measures the impact of viewability on a consumer's path to action," said Michael Kaushansky, EVP, Chief Analytics Officer, Havas Media. "It's quite clear that unless an ad is viewable it cannot possibly have a human impact; knowing the specific impact viewability delivers is game changing."

"Causal Impact introduces and automates the determination of causality in advertising at scale for the first time, allowing us to finally answer the real question that every advertiser wants answered: Which of my ad placements are truly making an impact and influencing consumer actions?" said Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science. "At Integral, we've invested heavily in data science, product and engineering to understand which parts of ad campaigns drive sales, and given the tests that we have done with a select group of advertising leaders in key verticals, we know that Causal Impact can provide these insights."

Integral Ad Science was recently named one of the 10 fastest growing companies in New York by Inc. Magazine and one of Crain's New York Busienss' Fast 50.