Future Brite for SiteScout

In business, there are clear signs you made it. And, when you get to a stage where you can execute on opportunities that create value for your customers and be hyper-selective in the process, that's one of those signs.

SiteScout, a self-serve media-buying platform, acquired certain assets of long-time ad pioneer AdBrite.

"The transaction gives us new technology that we can leverage on top of our existing stack, and includes cutting-edge video, data management and optimization tools (not to mention some excellent ad serving technology)," SiteScout Direct of Marketing Ratko Vidakovic wrote on the company's blog. "It will allow us to enhance some of our existing products, as well as introduce new products faster."

The transaction does not mean, however, that SiteScout will be working with publishers directly. Additionally, since the former AdBrite ad exchange is closed, the inventory that was previously available on SiteScout through AdBrite is no longer available.

Basically, AdBrite.com visitors are being redirected to SiteScout.com, and SiteScout is selecting the best components of AdBrite - sounds like a win-win for SiteScout and its users.