Google AdSense Debuts New Experiments

There's no better way to improve your digital presence (and revenue) than to conduct tests, right? Right. This is particularly true for those whose revenue comes primarily from performance advertising - like AdSense publishers. 

Google just added two new experiment types to AdSense that will enable publishers to gain a clearer picture of how any changes they make impact their earnings.

AdSense users can how see how long users spend on their site with the new " Ad session length" metric. The addition will certainly prove useful to publishers as the metric can be a strong indicator of the health of digital experience ( the theory being that the longer someone stays the better that experience is - that doesn't always translate to 'clicks' of course). 

Google also made some adjustments to its " Ad balance tool " which enables publishers to reduce the number of ads shown by displaying only those that perform best.

AdSense users can now essentially run experiments to see how different ad fill rates impact  their revenue (and their ad session lengths). In addition, in order to help publishers focus their efforts, Google announced that the service would soon be automatically completing experiments for which no winner was chosen after 30 days after being marked "Ready to complete". Google also indicated that would be deleting those experiments from more than one year ago. 

Are you an AdSense publisher that has conducted experiments? Share your experience by sharing a comment below.