Google Cracks Down on Rogue Advertisers

Google has rogue advertisers in their crosshairs, announcing this week a few new requirements to its existing AdWords policies that cover disclosure and usage of personal information.


Any Adwords advertiser anywhere in the world whose site requests payment, financial, or personal information from visitors, will need to make any needed changes as soon as possible to avoid having ads suspended.


Google is requiring it Adwords advertisers not just to describe how the personal information solicited is ultimately used (part of the previous policy) but now also make that information accessible before site visitors submit their details (presumably this will be part of the Adwords review process).


Advertisers will also need to indicate how people can opt out of emails, phone calls or other direct communication (presumably like postal mail). Finally, Adwords is requring all advertisers to use SSL when collecting payments and certain financial and personal information (like bank account and social security numbers).