Google Display Ad Builder Improves with Rich Media & Video

Google made several notable improvements to its AdWords display ad builder. With a focus on bringing richer content, interaction and tracking to display ads, the new Rich Media and video templates will provide advertisers with the ability to add more functionalty to ads and enable users to interact with those ads before they visit a site.

Some of the improvements include:

- The new templates enable advertisers to display multiple products/services, which is perfect for advertisers looking to share a brand with users by allowing them to tell a "sequential story" within specific ad units.

- Multiple destination URLs can now also be included, as the templates provided allow advertisers to assign a different destination URL to each featured product.

- Advertisers will also be able to track "interactions" - which is very interesting. While advertisers have been able to see the "mouseover rate" within the reporting column, some of the new templates will track unique interactions such as play rate for video ads. This data will be displayed in a new "Interaction Rate" column.

- Video can be added to advertising files. Advertisers can upload video to the new "Click to Play" video template, which allows for the setting of starting and ending images and features a display URL color picker.

Advertisers can access the new templates within their AdWords account by choosing the "Display ad builder" ad format option within any ad group and selecting the "Rich Media and Video" category.



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