Google Global for Global Advertisers

Google wants its advertisers to go global and it has made available a few incredibly interesting and valuable tools to make it happen. 


Google announced the launch of Google Global Market Finder (a free tool that helps advertisers find new markets overseas) and Google Ads for Global Advertisers which brings together Global Market Finder, AdWords, Google Translate, and other tools to help advertisers find, engage with, and support  customers across the world.


To use the Global Market Finder tool, simply enter keywords that describe your product or service and select a market or region to explore. You can choose from regions such as the European Union, the "G20" economies, Asia, Emerging Markets or the Americas to name but a few filters.


The tool automatically translates the inputted keyword into languages used in each of your selected markets, and then ranks each location by market opportunity by combining search volume, suggested bid price, and competition for each translated keyword. You will be able to tell at a glance how competitive the market is, how demand compares from market to market, and let's not forget of course how much it would cost to start advertising there. 


The second resource launched by Google today is Google Ads for Global Advertisers, a resource for advertisers to learn how to expand a business overseas. The online destination provides guides and tools for finding the right markets to expand your business, localizing your website and campaigns into another language, running ads in a foreign market, and monitoring your global ad spend.