Grok-o-matic: Adwords Campaigns in Minutes

Y-Combinator backed startup AdGrok has released a solution that will appeal greatly to those interested in starting large-scale AdWords campaigns quickly without spending the thousands of man hours (and dollars) typically required - it's called Grok-o-matic. 

What the solution provides is a way to extract data from landing pages which can then be used in keyword and text ad templates. - quite useful if you have a few thousand product pages.

Users of the AdGrok feature simply upload a text file of URLs, define page attributes such as name and price (using a combination of CSS/XPath selectors together with a regular expression), and within a few clicks an entire product catalog can be up on Adwords. AdGrok has made the process even simpler for some merchants, integrating with at least one shopping cart in Shopify. Expext others to be added in short order. 

Grok-o-matic is feature of AdGrok's ProGrok account which cost $59/month, but a fifteen day free trial is available. For those spending less than $500 per month on Adwords, AdGrok is free.