Increase Inbound Call Volume with Google's Call Bid Adjustments

Did you know that pay-per-call technology solutions have been around for nearly two decades?

While it has not really taken off as quickly as many experts thought it would, those that do manage to connect with customers over the phone, driven to that channel through advertising, want even more of that type of activity because of its likelihood to convert.

Google is obviously well aware of this has just announced this week that AdWords is rolling out new call bid adjustments, providing advertisers the ability to control how the call option appears within a search ad.

Advertisers will be able to use call bid adjustments to increase bids on campaigns that drive phone calls, and raising these bid adjustments to show call extensions more frequently and drive more high-value conversions.

Are advertisers really that interested in generating more phone traffic? They sure are and it's because it works.

"Call bid adjustments help us improve our click-to-call visibility and ensure we're appearing in the top 1-2 positions on mobile," said Stephanie Christensen, Paid Acquisition Analyst at Extra Space Storage.

" Our on-the-go customers convert quickly within a short window of time, so it's critical to be front and center, and show them that we offer storage units at the right price and location. Since implementing call bid adjustments and bidding higher for calls, we've seen a 37% increase in call volume with a 22% decrease in average cost-per-call."