Invalid Traffic & The Programmatic Problem

Fraud protection and data intelligence solution Pixalate has released the most recent version of its Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI), the rating standard the company publishes for programmatic advertisers.

Ad fraud remains the single great threat to the digital advertising economy, with research indicating that upwards of 48.5 percent of internet traffic is actually non-human (crawler and bots). Existing direct and panel-based measurements used to calculate inventory reach ignore the impact of NHT (non-human traffic), and as a result, lack accuracy and mislead advertisers, buyers and agencies on the true reach of their campaigns.

As part of Pixalate's new GSTI, the company also introduced TruReach, a reach metric (score) that filters out fraudulent devices and accurately measures the real human users a seller or exchange has access to.

"Any measurement methodology in today's advertising economy that doesn't address invalid traffic is outdated and misleading, be it in measuring reach, impressions, ad viewability or CTR," said Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate. "Pixalate's mission is to accurately provide a 360 degree view of the supply chain on every seller, so advertisers and investors can partner with the most trusted sellers and exchanges globally and at scale. Our next gen index with TruReach delivers on that mission by unlocking additional insights about seller inventory."