Jivox Adds Geo-targeting, Ad Creator, and Subscription Plans

Local online video advertising service Jivox released several new features including map-based geo-targeting, QuickStart video ad creation templates, and new subscription plans for advertisers.

The automated map-based geo-targeting displays targeted cities on an interactive map and allows users to expand the targeted geography around a city by a 5, 20, 15, or 30-mile radius and save it for a future campaign.

Jivox' QuickStart Ad Creator (a template-based offering) enables advertisers to create video ads by completing a series of prompts for text and logos. Any ad created in the Jivox service can be saved as a QuickStart ad to be customized by other users, and unlike other template-based approaches which do not allow further changes to the ad, Jivox QuickStart ads can be further edited by using Jivox advanced video ad creation tools.

Finally, Jovox has made available subscription plans. Plans are designed around typical geographies, including local, metro, regional and national, and can be combined with subscription periods, including one, three, six and twelve months allowing advertisers to spend as little as $225 per month or set custom spending levels based on their marketing needs.