Lift Revenue With Ad Price Prediction

Ad revenue optimization technology provider Pubmatic has made available Ad Price Prediction, enabling a real-time comparison of ad network and ad exchange pricing. Global publishers with more than $5 million in annual online revenue could increase revenue an additional 70% using the solution.

Ad Price Prediction optimizes how each impression is sold through secondary ad channels such as ad networks and exchanges on behalf of publishers, providing an additional layer of insight into how much non-guaranteed ad inventory is valued. For example, PubMatic can compare the price difference between behavioral targeting and contextual targeting on a single ad impression, and then serve the higher paying ad.

"PubMatic's real-time optimization means that more ad networks are competing for every impression," said Joe Luna, Director of Digital Advertising Operations at Mansueto Ventures (, FastCompany). "In this climate, with a limited ad operations staff, getting the most money for every ad impression vs. daily optimization makes a big difference."