Marketing Automation Beyond the Inbox

Need a solution that intelligently engages known prospects, converts anonymous ones and increases lead velocity? Who doesn't, right?

This week, Bizo announced Multi-Channel Nurturing, a solution that promises such digital riches for business to business marketers. DocuSign (an electronic signature technology provider) was an early adopter and provides a pretty good example of its capabilities. 

"With Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing, we're able to extend the power of marketing automation nurturing beyond the inbox to the huge pool of unknown visitors coming to our website every day," said Meagen Eisenberg, vice president of demand generation at DocuSign. "Bizo's precise business demographic data combined with customized nurture paths allows us to serve sequenced display and social ads to only our most high-value, anonymous prospect segments - all of which helps us increase lead volume and optimize lead quality from the moment a person first becomes interested in our brand."

B2B marketers can now use Bizo to: 

- Engage anonymous and known prospect audiences with relevant ads across premium business websites, ad exchanges and Facebook

- Create multiple nurture paths that sequence targeted ad creative and content based on both the business demographic profile and onsite behavior of Web visitors

- Optimize lead quality and program ROI by nurturing only those prospects belonging to the most highly desired audience segments

- Apply platform-supported A/B testing to optimize ad creative, messaging and nurture paths 

- Measure the impact of Bizo nurture programs through full-funnel reporting

Here are some example screenshots of the product at work:

What business audiences are of highest value? Which on-site behaviors indicate high engagement or specific interests? Set them here.

Target and sequence waves of relevant ads and content to each audience segment, and automatically transfer prospects to different nurture waves as they become more engaged and convert.