Microsoft Adding a Chatbot Extension to Search Results

Polly Page
by Polly Page 16 Jan, 2023

Artificial intelligence is influencing every aspect of the digital experience.

The reason, of course, is because AI can expertly surface intelligence to be used by brands to make better connections with their consumers, experiences that are meaningful to these prospective buyers (and with any luck profitable for the company too).

What's the result of all the development around AI? And what "experiences" can the 'Net community expect? Well, it turns out it could have a huge impact on how end-users interact with the results pages of search engines.

Microsoft, for example, recently introduced a chatbot extension that will appear on Bing searches where users will be able to interact (chat) with a brand's intelligent agent (chatbot) to answer basic questions (e.g., Are you open? What time do you close?).

Microsoft will also use the new chatbot extension to build upon its In-Market Audiences categories, which likely means it will be an excellent opportunity for digital advertisers.


A chatbot extension on the Bing search engine will add another level of utility for users to get a better (seamless and friction-free) experience, as well as an opportunity for brands to directly connect with consumers.

Microsoft appears to be using this opportunity to expand its capabilities within the search market at a time when more brands are looking for ways to engage consumers in messaging where they are spending time.