Mobile a Big Deal for Group-Buying Sector

A shift in consumer trends and purchasing habits makes it evident that some sectors are increasingly suited to mobile advertising.


Consumers are turning to their mobile devices to access email in droves, so much so that by the end of the year, many predict that more commercial emails will be read on mobile devices than desktops.  According to an Affiliate Window case study, the group-buying sector is helping to fuel this growth. 

This consumer segment opens 41 percent of its emails on a mobile device and makes 25.5 percent of its transactions on mobile handsets. 


In fact, as part of Website Magazine's Web 100 project, Groupon told us that mobile transactions account for a third of their transactions. The deal website leader also said that it is one of the biggest mobile commerce companies in the world. 


As a sector, group buying over indexes what it has seen across the network on average, according to Affiliate Window. The performance marketing network typically sees around 14 percent of sales generated through mobile devices, with the majority of these (7.5 percent) through tablets (see image). 



"Additionally, there has been an increase in mobile display activity across the sector with advertising within some of the most popular apps proving to be a successful route to market for sending out the latest deals," read the report. 


The spike in mobile activity for the group-buying sector is down to publisher promotional types that have demonstrated the ability to drive a significant volume of sales, according to Affiliate Window. 


"With email more readily picked up on mobile handsets, publishers sending out newsletters have seen a high proportion of transactions generated through mobile devices," read the report. "Voucher code sites have seen almost 20 percent of all transactions generated through handsets while publishers embarking on display activity (within apps and across highly trafficked portals) have seen in excess of 40 percent of all transactions take place on a mobile handset."