Next Gen CPC Bidding for the Holidays

Digital ad management platform Marin Software has released several enhancements to its bid optimization capabilities that are worthy of note - particularly as enterprise-level advertisers are increasing their holiday-related ad spends.

Advertisers are now able to leverage numerous execution techniques including predictive analytics, KPI maximization subject to pre-defined constraints and adaptive learning methods. If you're familiar with the current crop of enterprise ad management platforms, it not hard to see how the product is leading the way towards the next generation of CPC bidding platforms. Initial results show that 77% of clients who have deployed the solution saw financial lift above and beyond that of the prior solution, with an average lift, measured by increase in clicks, conversions, revenue or profit, of 20% or more.

"Marin's next-generation bidding is a tremendous leap forward for digital advertisers," said Wister Walcott, co-founder and EVP of Products, Marin Software.

"Historically marketers have struggled to meet the conflicting business goals of maximizing volume while minimizing costs. Today, Marin has delivered a bold new solution for attaining these dual goals, while providing the marketer with complete control over the priorities. In the fast-paced and competitive battlefield for online revenues, this visibility and control gives marketers the critical edge they need to increase performance and profits consistently over time."