Oodle Partners With Anchor Intelligence [Click Fraud]

Who knew classifieds weren't immune from click fraud? Traffic quality (click fraud) solution provider Anchor Intelligence will now be providing traffic scoring for online classifieds ads through a partnership with Oodle. 

Oodle has been using internal proprietary fraud detection software to scan listings posted on Oodle and properties within its extended syndication network to identify suspicious content or users, but outsourcing some of the responsibility might make a lot of sense considering its network includes some of the largest Web properties around including Facebook.

"Oodle has always been focused on protecting the consumer by employing a variety of technologies and approaches," said Kevin Doerr, COO of Oodle. "At the same time, Oodle is focused on ensuring superior quality traffic to its thousands of advertisers and partners. ClearMark will contribute to Oodle's ad inventory optimization and traffic filtering programs, enabling us to deliver the highest quality clicks across a more secure platform."