Optimal Ad Units Should Not Surprise You

Ad technology and service provider Unicast released a report measuring the results of various online ad formats across several industries. The report includes interesting information on interaction rates and engagement times: 

Interaction Rates - For formats, ads in Messenger Units, Branded Canvases and Expandable Multi Panel had the highest interaction rates.  Not surprisingly, all three of these top-performing formats are following three of the hottest trends in the digital world: social media, online video, and 3D content.  For vertical industries - Restaurants had the highest interaction rates, followed by Health Care/Beauty and Beverage/Spirits. 

Engagement Times - For formats, ads in Messenger Units, Branded Canvas and Pushdowns had the highest average engagement times. For vertical industries - Technology, Home Improvement and Restaurants had the highest engagement times. 

Interactive features like videos, polls, quizzes and games successfully increased engagement time and interaction rates. 

The Benchmark report (available here) analyzes 24 vertical industries and evaluates 12 online ad formats.