Predictive Behavioral Advertising Unveiled @ Q

Display advertising is big, and behavorial advertising is bigger, but predictive behavioral advertising is going to make your head spin.

Q Interactive launched just this sort of ad network and if you're an advertiser in pursuit of a specific audience it's time to jump on the bandwagon. The company's display service (which uses a combination of offline data and online self-reported geo-demographic which is more accurate in predicting response than the inferred data) relies on behavioral and tranaction-based data to predict which users are going to respond and to which rich media advertising messages.

"Most behavioral targeting in the marketplace is really just contextual re-targeting -- delivering a female-oriented ad to consumers who have visited a women's lifestyle site, for instance," said Matt Wise, president and chief executive officer of Q Interactive. "This approach is not much more advanced than an ad exec in the 1950s placing a detergent or diapers ad in Family Circle. What differentiates Q Interactive's behavioral targeting is that it's proactive rather than reactive; we use a wealth of online and offline data to proactively predict the consumers most likely to respond to a given ad."

The new service is only the latest in Interactive's set of solutions. It's registration-path lead generation and targeted email solutions are also part of Q Interactive offerings. 

Q Interactive Predictive Behavorial Advertising