Private Video Ad Exchange from TubeMogul

Video marketing provider TubeMogul has launched a new private ad exchange product. Media companies interested in pursuing some real-time media buying on video now have a powerful solution capitalize on surplus inventory. Private exchanges are commonly used in the display advertising market but this may just be the first foray into the same for video.

What makes TubeMogul's platform so interesting is that the exchange plugs into an existing ad server. At setup, publishers set rules on variables like which agencies and trading desks have access, pricing packages, available inventory, and what data can be used for targeting. It is easy to see how by providing insights into bids and performance assists publishers in monetizing their inventory effectively and serves to correct the imbalance perpetuated by programmatic buying.

"We're making the bet that if we empower publishers, it will result in better inventory access for buyers and ultimately a better advertising experience for advertisers and consumers," said Brett Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeMogul.

On the demand side (for advertisers), the product leverages TubeMogul's existing demand side platform for video advertising PlayTime. Advertisers invited by a media company to participate in a private exchange will automatically be emailed, and the new inventory will show up seamlessly into their TubeMogul account for immediate planning and buying.

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