Programmatic with Publishers in Mind

Programmatic has captured the attention of digital advertisers and is quickly becoming the primary way advertising is bought and sold. 

OpenX just launched Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG), a solution to enable direct, guaranteed deals executed over programmatic technology with audience syncing and forecasting.

RTG essentially combines the business terms of direct-sold deals with the benefits of real-time bidding technology, giving publishers the certainty of guaranteed demand and advertisers priority access to premium inventory through a programmatic channel. This will enable publishers to secure guaranteed volume commitments and introduce a new revenue stream for premium inventory. 

"We have built a solution that will make publishers more money while embracing the technology buyers prefer," said Paul Sternhell, GM, Ad Server & Programmatic Direct at OpenX. "Real-time guaranteed unlocks programmatic advertising budgets that were previously unavailable to publishers selling premium inventory via an IO. While other guaranteed solutions promise similar results, only OpenX RTG empowers publishers with a flexible guarantee, and provides each participant certainty of both delivery and spend by running forecasts against an advertiser's audience. Real-time guaranteed is the first industry solution that provides publishers and buyers with choice, certainty and priority for both inventory and audience, creating a new revenue stream for premium placements."