QUICK HIT: Google's AdWords Scripts Refresh in Focus

Tiffany Jacobs
by Tiffany Jacobs 12 Oct, 2017
Several new capabilities have been added to AdWords Scripts in the new AdWords interface, which should make account management much easier (particularly for active advertisers). 

Some of the more noteworthy changes advertisers should be aware of include the ability to see a more precise time when a script will run, who added a script to the account, filter scripts based on name (or who created it), duplicate existing scripts and much more, including seeing up to 500 script logs per page (up from 10 - another real-time saver) and filter those logs by date.

While scripts are still limited to running once per hour, there is a change to how the frequency is displayed for scripts that were set up before the launch of the new interface. For those, Google now indicates at what time during the selected hour it will run in the future.