Real-Time In-Stream Ad Creative Optimization at AdoTube

In-stream video advertising provider AdoTube enahnced its platform's creative studio wizard, allowing advertisers to test and optimize creative mid-campaign. Optimization for advertising (display namely) is very common, but this might just be the first in-video ad serving solution to offer the ability to opitmize in-stream. 

The Creative Optimization tool set from AdoTube gives advertisers the ability to test and re-target advertising creative in real-time based on for whom the advertisement creative is most effective and make tweaks mid-campaign to creative based on any of the service's varying creative templates.

"The AdoTube Platform's Creative Studio Wizard is a further commitment to help our advertisers put forth the best and most effective in-video advertisement," said Steven Jones, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer. "AdoTube understands how important creative can be for in-video advertisements and believes this will allow for true optimization in delivering the most effective messaging to an advertiser's target audience."