Remarketing With Amazon (and Triggit)


Amazon has selected ad technology provider Triggit (a demand side platform) to power display advertising on its own site and on third party sites.

Amazon will use the data it collects during customer visitors to create pools of potential marketing targets. Thanks to Triggit, Amazon will be able to display advertising to Web surfers after they leave the site through tracking "cookies" (retargeting at its finest and on a grand scale). Once Triggit locates those users, the company purchases ad inventory those users are looking at in real time. Amazon then uses the ad space to serve up an ad for the marketer it's working with, and charges them for the impression.

Amazon has dipped its virtual toes in the advertising waters before with little success, but by using the massive amounts of data it collects about visitors, coupled with sophisticated remarketing technology like Triggit, Amazon could become a real contender in the battle for Web advertising dollars.

Triggit is current the technology of choice for several Fortune 500 brands inclyuding Kodak, Mazda and Orbitz.