Scaling Online Advertising Applications

Content delivery solution provider Mirror Image Internet has released a set of configurable online advertising solutions to increase the scalability, geographic coverage and performance of advertising applications for networks, exchanges and bidding platforms. 

The new Online Advertising Solutions include the ability to dynamically select, customize and serve ads and click-through URLs in real-time based on cookie information, browser settings, and device type, as well as several additional capabilities including: 

- set cookie values in real time to record session information and maintain user history;

- record completions, click-through URLs, interaction with the ad, visitor information and other user activity in customized log files;

- include ad pricing in the real-time response based on customer specifications;

- perform IAB blacklist/whitelist detection and record information in the log file;

access the server logs with customized content and in custom formats every 15 minutes for reporting;

- monitor delivery of ads for billing verification. 

"Online advertising-related providers have special requirements," said James G. Hart, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mirror Image Internet. "Their contextual applications must perform business logic at the edge, while their business climate requires the ability to quickly scale their applications on-demand, and in a cost-effective and flexible manner. Our new solutions are custom-tailored to meet these requirements."