Showcase Products & Services In Bing's Structured Snippets

Bing has begun rolling out Structured Snippets for text ads.

Taking the same approach as Google, Structured Snippets in Bing Ads are not clickable, but rather are designed to feature specific characteristics and aspects of the products and services being offered by the business being advertised. Bing users, for example, may see a familiar brand name of an appliance maker when they search for a washer and dryer, or the types of delectables being offered by the local bakery.

Structured Snippets are available from the Ad Extensions tab at the campaign and ad group levels (and can actually be imported directly from AdWords for those advertisers that already use Google's Structured Snippets offering). It's relatively easy to get set up; just select the appropriate header (Brands, Types, etc), and then enter a minimum of three snippets.

Bing made it clear that advertisers should not duplicate content that is already included in an ad. Advertisers can associate up to 20 structured snippets with a campaign or ad group but Bing Ads will only show up to 10.