Bing App Install Ads [Sneak Peek]

Bing is testing the ability for advertisers to promote applications listed in Apple's App Store or Google Play depending on the device of the user.

For those participating in the pilot program, an App install ad option in the interface is available in the ad type field to create the new ads. The program is available only to those advertisers with Upgraded URLs.

Advertisers should know that there is no display URL on these ads - clicks are simply directed to the designated store download page. The program, which is available only for Apple & Google apps and does not offer support for Windows or Windows phones.

The app install ads are available in the web interface, for Bulk Upload and in the API during the test but not the Bing Ads editor.

To monitor performance of these ads, Bing recommends app developers set up tracking with one of its certified partners such as Appsflyer, Kochava, Tune or Apsalar.

Those interested in participating in the program and getting early access to the feature can sign up here