Spend Less on Pay-Per-Click

Cutting down on PPC expenditures is at the forefront of SEM discussions these days. By the looks of search marketing agency IMPAQT's newly enhanced Adaptive Bidding tool, marketers will be able to do more with less - a key to surving in today's economic climate for many businesses. In some instances the tool is reducing cost for search-originated acquisitions by nearly 80%. That's the sort of saving that can't be overlooked.

The enhanced version of the tool integrates 'shocks' - streams of data from offline data - that could influence suggested bids. When shocks are combined with the history of paid search results, what results is a semi-automated analysis model that provides keyword-level bid recommendations on a daily basis - at an unmatched accuracy.

According to IMPAQT, the longer the system runs, the better it 'learns' and the more accurate its bidding suggestions become, according to IMPAQT's VP of Analytics and Decision Support, Dr. Pat Stroh, whose team created and carried out the proprietary algorithms responsible for the success of the product.

"The upgrade to include shocks adds a level of detail that sharpens the bidding, " according to IMPAQT's VP of Analytics and Decision Support, Dr. Pat Stroh. "When shocks are added to a paid Search campaign which has thousands of keywords and millions of data points, it can be extremely meaningful to the outcome."