Tackling Programmatic Ad Fraud with...Hardware?

As more brands test out the virtual waters of programmatic advertising, fraud is once again top of mind. Fortunately, there are some interesting solutions to what many agree is a serious systemic problem with the current industry. 

Fraud protection and data intelligence solution Pixalate, for example, just introduced a new security hardware appliance for advertising that prevents fraud from entering programmatic advertising systems.

Pixalate's Security Threat Intelligence Dome connects to the Pixalate Global Fraud Intelligence cloud which has insights about fraudulent activity based on the analysis of more than 100 billion global impressions, evaluating 350 million IPs each month, to identify and block 100 percent of known fraudulent inbound requests. This in turn allows supply-side and demand-side providers with more bandwidth and increases the percentage of legitimate ads viewed by consumers.

Pixalate uses several different feeds to fuel its fraud intelligence system including IP reputation, blacklisted user agents and domains, and proxy gateways.