The Merge: Video Ads and Native Inventory

Native advertising is expected to rise to $21 billion by 2018, and it has incredible potential to drastically impact performance campaigns.

Performance advertising technology company SourceKnowledge today announced the launch of proprietary native video JavaScript ad units for desktop and mobile. This unit allows video ads to be served on non-video inventory such as blog posts and slideshow articles. The ad units dramatically increase access to premium inventory and provide more impactful ad placements for advertisers. It also gives publishers the power to increase monetization of non-video inventory by gaining a higher video ad CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions).

"Our native ad unit was developed with consumers' need for unique and engaging experiences in mind as this increases conversion for advertisers and better monetization options for publishers," said SourceKnowledge president and co-founder Patrick Hopf. "Data driven advertisers know that the way their creatives are delivered determines their impact. We're committed to investing in advertising solutions that meet the create value for all parties -- advertisers, publishers and end users."