United States of Gamers

Ever wonder what people in our Nation's capital are up to or even the person in line ahead of you at the store? 

According to Jumptap's MobileSTAT December report released today, they are gaming - big time. In fact, Washington D.C. boasts the highest concentrations of gamers, with a weekly average of 29 mobile gaming requests per resident. This is nearly five times that of any other U.S. location in the study. 

Washington D.C. isn't alone, however, mobile gaming traffic is up across the nation. Interestingly, mobile gamers make up an 80 million-plus audience in the United States of which 33 percent play every day (comScore). 

"Mobile gamers are not just teenagers, but busy professionals, moms and dads, and grandparents," said Jumptap VP of Marketing Matt Duffy. "As gaming traffic grows on our network, advertisers gain scalable ways to reach specific audience segments of any age or demographic."

Advertisers can make informed decisions about who and when to advertise based on the data from the monthly Jumptap report. The mobile advertising company reports that 99 percent of gaming takes place on Apple and Android devices. While the full breakdown is shown below, Jumptap can offer advertisers a cross-platform campaign

Here are a few more report highlights:

  • Mobile gamers engage the most heavily in the afternoon and evening hours, when Jumptap saw a 68 percent in gaming traffic.
  • The top-performing verticals on gaming channels (by CTR) are pharmaceutical, retail and game sectors.
  • Jumptap also reported that consumers played Angry Birds (one of the most popular games on smartphones) while Black Friday shopping. There were two huge spikes in game play near Walmart stores across the U.S.