Video Ads Driving Major Action

If the goal of advertising is to get users to take action, digital brands seriously need to consider leveraging video advertising this year. 

Earlier this month Neustar released its newest Media Intelligence Report, based on 250-plus billion digital events. Among the findings were that video ads are only second to display ads in driving action. While display ads drive the bulk of action (70.85 percent), videos generate roughly triple (19.63 percent) the amount of actions than social (6.24 percent) and nearly six times the amount as mobile (3.28 percent). 

Key trends in the Neustar report include that video is driving the bulk of branding activity and spend in this area continues to grow. In fact, Neustar saw the majority of video placements not in exchanges or ad networks, but in portals and individual publishers. 

These results, according to Neustar, are consistent with the prevalent view that programmatic video inventory is still very scarce. Neustar expects to see more inventory access over time as a result of industry consolidation.

Two other major trends found in the report is that social now represents close to 30 percent of all exchange traffic, while mobile is still considered a mid-funnel channel for most brands.