Are You Ready to Cloudify?

Any product update that reduces the complexity of cloud application management is worth taking a look at.

GigaSpaces just announced a completely re-architected Cloudify offering to provide intelligent orchestration of applications on the cloud. With this product rewrite, the new Cloudify orchestration platform simplifies the application deployment, management and scaling experience on OpenStack, VMware vSphere and other clouds and environments.

Additionally, Cloudify 3.0 (this latest version) ensures that managed applications meet their desired service level agreement. 

"To deliver this next generation, intelligent orchestration, we needed to rethink Cloudify's design," said Yaron Parasol, VP of Product at GigaSpaces. "With a new language of code, adoption of industry standards and development of scalable and custom workflows, we created something that few are doing today - orchestration of the entire app lifecycle that encompasses both pre-deployment and post-deployment management with a single platform."

A few of the Cloudify 3.0 highlights include: 

- New intelligence in orchestration: Cloudify 3.0 eliminates the boundaries between orchestration and monitoring, providing a mechanism that automatically reacts to monitored events with appropriate corrective measures. Version 3.0 includes these building blocks of custom workflows, a workflow engine and a modeling language that enables the automation of any process and any stack. 

- Integrating the entire automation and monitoring tool chain: Cloudify 3.0 brings together a variety of tools that are used throughout the various stages of the application lifecycle. In doing so, Cloudify promotes common industry best practices, making it easy to integrate and use best-of-breed tools to manage the environment. 

Other highlights include native integration with OpenStack, which is fast becoming the de facto standard for private clouds; support for VMware, CloudStack, SoftLayer and other clouds; new topology-driven monitorings, support for the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA); and multiple applications that can span thousands of nodes.