Boston Globe Puts It All On Blue

Every day, media companies deliver content to millions of anonymous users. In today's user-centric world, that lack of personalization is just not good enough. 

This is why Boston Globe Media Partners - parent company of the Boston Globe, and other media properties - decided to double down on technology to provide a more personalized experience for users across mobile, Web and social touchpoints. 

Choosing BlueConic to do so, Boston Globe Media Partners can now identify, understand and interact with customers on an individual basis. 

"BlueConic gives us individual user profiles for both known and anonymous users, helps us define segments and deliver actions or content that are most relevant on an individual user level," said Peter Doucette, Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing, The Boston Globe. "By leveraging BlueConic's actionable insights across brands, we take personalization to the next level and provide a user experience that drastically outpaces the competition.  The result is a more engaged audience, more subscribers and increased advertising revenues."

Despite newspapers closing their doors and cutting frequency, there are bright spots in media, particularly for those outlets who are evolving with readers, like the USA Today's website redesign or the Boston Globe's selection of BlueConic. 

"Boston Globe Media Partners is an organization that truly embraces how technology enables a deeper, more individualized relationship with their users," said Bart Heilbron, Co-founder and CEO of BlueConic. "We are thrilled to help Boston Globe Media Partners tackle the challenges that publishers face in this dynamic industry.  We are confident that our solution will seamlessly integrate all facets of the experience while providing the opportunity for the organization to increase revenue and ultimately drive growth for its brands."