Contextual Hand-Holding for Customers

A lot can happen within an online visit to deter people from purchase, but there are ways to guide visitors to better experiences even when difficulties arise.

Moxie has long offered proactive features that help struggling customers (like automatically delivering "update password" emails when someone cannot login), and has now announced its Kbot application to provide further contextual guidance.

According to Moxie, Kbot delivers snippets of useful information to assist customers in completing digital commerce tasks like selecting the right product, completing a purchase and moving past a struggle point (e.g., invalid coupon codes). In addition to providing proactive notifications to guide customers along the buying journey, Kbot is designed for mobile, tablet and desktop and comes with optional escalation to assisted digital channels via chat or email. 

To learn more about the struggles customers are experiencing, check out this infographic Moxie provided: end-customer-struggle-moxie