Hire Smarter! Top Recruitment Software

Of all the decisions a company makes, hiring is the most crucial. This is especially true in service-oriented companies as well as publishing enterprises because people are the products. In other words, there is often no tangible takeaway that would make up for areas where people get involved, like customer service, content creation, campaign initiatives, etc.

While businesses take a wide variety of approaches to recruiting and vetting potential employees, many have found success in bringing on a silent partner for the process: recruitment software. Whether your enterprise is considering a rival technology or if you're thinking about making the jump for the first time, let this list of top recruitment software be your starting point.


Known for its invoicing, customer relationship management, and help desk and document offerings, Zoho also provides Zoho Recruit to enable hiring managers to keep track of resumes, candidates, scheduling, clients and client contacts from a single place. What's more, Zoho Recruit is free to get started (with a single user) and integrates with Zoho CRM for added contact management.


Those familiar with features available in collaboration and project management software will appreciate the many similar offerings Recruiterbox provides - but for the hiring process. For instance, users can spend less time managing emails in that correspondences from candidates are streamlined into Recruiterbox whether they come from email, job boards, a company's careers page or even folders. Comparable to popular team productivity platforms like Glip and Asana, Recruiterbox allows managers to assign tasks (e.g., interview this person), leave feedback (e.g., great candidate) and schedule events (e.g. interview time). Recruiterbox offers a free trial and pay-as-you-go or monthly enterprise service plans.


Counting Dole, Rackspace, Kate Spade and other big names as clients, iCIMS provides a software suite that helps enterprises throughout the entire hiring process from recruitment and interviews to research and onboarding. iCIMS Connect, for instance, is a highly reviewed recruitment tool for its ability to build talent pools by attracting and engaging "passive" candidates - in other words, people who are interested in the company but may not yet be ready to apply for a position - as well as active candidates (e.g., those who have applied). Moving on in the hiring process, iCIMS onboarding software automates onboarding to reduce paperwork, manage tasks more efficiently, and improve HR productivity and employee engagement.


An online recruiting software, Workable helps streamline hiring by, among other features, enabling hiring managers to submit job openings to multiple networks simultaneously as well as sourcing candidates in a more effective manner. For instance, users simply drag and drop resumes into the software to see candidates' public and social profiles which are gathered automatically by Workable. This is important because social profiles have long been used to gather more information about prospective employees, of course, because they may reveal more details about whether that candidate would be a good for a company's culture or current role.

Other Candidates to Consider

Last year, Website Magazine profiled seven hiring software solutions (only one of which is mentioned above), so we invite you to take a look at that list, which is still very much relevant today. Those mentioned on that list include the following:

- Applicant Pro

- Jobvite

- Kronos

- Jazz

- StartDate

- Sales Indicator