Sitecore Search Gets Personal

Marketers are increasingly being asked to do more and oftentimes with multiple technology solutions that can be complex and difficult to manage. 

Short of becoming information technology professionals themselves, some solutions on the market can help non-technical marketers create rich, highly personalized experiences. Coveo for Sitecore believes it to be one of those solutions. The search and relevance tech provider recently announced significant upgrades to its solution. 

According to the company, Coveo for Sitecore has delivered full integration with the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), empowering marketers to personalize the search results, page content and product offerings displayed to website visitors.  Additionally, the dashboard and reports provide its users with total line-of-sight into key search performance metrics so they can quickly tune the site's content and product offers to meet evolving visitor preferences. 

By offering a good on-site search experience, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be impacted for the positive, such as time-on-site, conversion rate, cart abandonment rate, etc. 

"Successful digital brand experiences deliver the content and products that are specifically tailored to each unique visitor and their precise place in the 'customer journey'," commented Darren Guarnaccia, chief strategy officer at Sitecore. "By connecting big data and contextual search, Coveo for Sitecore empowers marketers to deliver the personalized digital experiences that delight customers and earn brand loyalty."