Software for Your Sales Team

The popular phrase, "You have to spend money to make money" is becoming truer in sales than ever before.

When a sales team is equipped with automated advice and analytics, they are better able to respond to potential clients who have likely done their homework online before picking up the phone, providing contact information, or responding to a call or email.

Knowing what brand assets a potential customer has viewed or downloaded, knowing what landing pages they have visited and even knowing what are the next-best steps to close the deals based on businesses like theirs, is critical in today's sales environment where buyers are more empowered than previous years.

Let's look at some sales software for your business to consider if providing actionable information to your team is the aim.

From better preparing a sales team on what it is they are selling to giving them the "playbook" they should be following, is a sales acceleration platform that uses its predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine (artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine learning for the rest of us) to prioritize sales activities to target the most promising leads and opportunities while tracking email, gamifying the experience and more.



Not the only customer relationship management (CRM) system on the planet, but it is one of the most popular. With its investment in AI capabilities, Salesforce is changing how sales persons prioritize and score leads as well as capture activity within the CRM (emails and meetings can be automatically associated to the right records, for instance).



With this lead management software, sales teams are able to find targeted prospects and present the right pitch at the right time to the right decision maker. Velocify uses predictive analytics to deliver industry-specific and custom workflows, predefined sales actions and communication templates all to more intelligently engage and re-engage prospects.


With the ability to integrate with Marketo, Salesforce, NetSuite (Oracle), SAP, Adobe and other technology partners, birst can provide sales teams with additional data on revenue, customers, opportunities, forecast and more to form a complete picture of sales (some connect birst with Salesforce and their enterprise resource planning system, for example). For management, birst also provides the ability to identify top performers and see what they do differently. 



A sales engagement platform, SalesLoft includes everything from a dialer to direct analytics for sales teams. The latter allows sales professionals to "use data to take actionable insights on when to send emails and make calls that are most successful based on reply rate and conversation rate." From activity history to personality disposition, SalesLoft provides the kind of information sales teams need to have intelligent interactions between themselves and prospects.