What Marketing Automation Software Should I Use? (Part V)

As part of our marketing automation series, Website Magazine asked your marketing peers what marketing automation software you should use.

While the question is simplistic in nature, many marketing automation users are not making the most out of their systems - falling into the same patterns without exploring other features. What's more, the answers can help those enterprises who have yet to dive into automation or are thinking about switching vendors. Let's take a look.

"We use and highly recommend SharpSpring. In the past, we used HubSpot. After much disappointment with HubSpot's business practices and pricing, we turned to SharpSpring as an agency partner that could help us bring marketing automation to a wider set of our clients who may never have been able to afford it before, with a high-quality, powerful platform. While HubSpot is widely considered the industry standard, it's prices are prohibitory for most businesses. SharpSpring's platform matches well, it costs a fraction of the costs, and in our experience support has been much improved over HubSpot."

" Jon Saxton, Inbound Marketing Executive at PHOS Creative
"Whilst the criteria for any marketing automation software will be specific to the business and customer needs, I often recommend Autopilot for those getting started with automation or looking for a cheaper alternative to Hubspot/Marketo/Pardot. 

The key reason that I recommend Autopilot is that the company focuses on the customer journey, which is key in today's environment. They offer a visual journey builder that makes it very simple to build workflows that help any company acquire, nurture or grow their prospects..

In addition to this, Autopilot makes it very easy to send SMS and postcards to your prospects or customers as well as integrating with third-party software like your customer relationship management (CRM), your own app, data enrichment platforms and many more."

" Mark Colgan, B2B SaaS Marketing Automation Consultant at https://www.yellowo.co.uk

"I rely most heavily on Klaviyo, a fantastic email marketing platform with powerful features for ecommerce stores. I did a lot of research and am convinced Klaviyo is the best option if you own an online store. It offers the best customer segmentation and analytics about which emails are opened, how much revenue they generate, and more. My favorite feature is the ability to set up flows' that are triggered by a customer action. For instance, I have flow for when a customer signs up for my newsletter, abandons his or her cart, hasn't purchased in more than 60 days, and more. I also love that I can create my own customized email lists by filtering by customers and prospects by age, geography, amount spent at my store, and so much more."

"  Amanda Austin, Founder & President of Little Shop of Miniatures
 "I have a lot of experience using Drip for marketing automation. I chose Drip over others because it has the features that I actually need but is priced for a startup. Being able to segment and move users from one campaign to another has been invaluable. I also love that I can create workflows to trigger one off emails based on the users behavior. It allows me to really customize messages to my users. It has also been great for on-boarding because I can trigger messages to my users if they are stuck or haven't engaged with our software."

" Adam White, Founder of SEOJet

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