13 Techies Share Must-Have Website Tech [Essential Tech Part 4]

Website Magazine recently asked 'Net professionals what technology their Web-based business cannot operate without.


From analytics to virtual assistants, the answers were as diverse as they were interesting. This week, we're releasing their answers by category: social and mobile technology (found here), development and infrastructure (found below), analytics and optimization solutions (found here), content management systems (found here) and other software types to run your digital business (coming soon). 




"Our rapid development agency is built on a technology called Bubble (bubble.is), which allows us to build Web and mobile apps for clients in a fraction of the time it takes conventional developers. It is absolutely essential to our business.


We're pioneering a new approach to software development by replacing armies of coding engineers and managers with business-savvy builders. By using Bubble, an all-purpose DIY Web-building platform, AirDev can create its end products within five days, a fraction of the time of traditional shops."


+ Andrew Haller, Co-Founder of AirDev


Amazon Web Services

"At Caredash we utilize an AWS infrastructure and layer our own Docker deployment architecture components for portability. AWS provides stability of the underlying server configurations critical for uptime reliability. Our Docker infrastructure allows required flexibility to our website allowing for portable operations across different providers. It also ensures that we are engineering and subsequently deploying the identical software and environment we have tested in."


+ Mike Feldman, Chief Technical Officer of CareDash.com



"We use CloudFlare to make sure we are fast wherever our users are around the globe. They make it super easy to work with your hosting and have a great support team. They also just released Google AMP support to be even faster. It's an awesome service."


+ Max Page, Founder of CouponHippo




"We can't live without our Trustwave Extended Validation SSL Certificate. It secures our site to SHA256 CA, Level 1 and ensures that our customers see the green bar in their browser. It's another layer of trust and gives added peace of mind. As a result, we have seen less abandoned shopping carts and more conversions. Our EV SSL allows all our visitors to browse our site via a secure connection, learn that our business exists and not have to worry about fraud."


+ Brandon Ackroyd, Founder of TigerMobiles



"As our website grew, we started suffering from a series of attempted hacks and attacks that crippled our ability to go about business as usual. We started using Sucuri - a hybrid CDN/Firewall which mitigates everything from DDoS to XSS hacks all while upping our performance. Best purchase we made this year."


Jonathan Kerns, Co-Founder of Comparakeet


Cloud Computing

"We can't imagine running Pricebaba without cloud computing infrastructure, be it Amazon or DigitalOcean. If it wasn't for them, our technology team cost would be up by good 40 percent. So scalable horsepower, storage, CDN, email backend... everything is easy, we get to focus on our product not infra!"


+ Annkur Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of Pricebaba.com



"Cloudways is my go-to for great hosting, they provide a dashboard that allows anyone to easily manage AWS and Digital Ocean virtual servers without needing a whole lot of technical expertise."


+ Travis Bennett, Founder of Studio Digita




"Search engine exposure is paramount to our success and user experience mandates sites load fast, which is why our CDN is so critical, and beloved by us. We switched to MaxCDN in 2012, and have had under two second load times since. I can't recommend content delivery networks enough."


+ Mike Catania, Chief Technology Officer of PromotionCode



"Any website with even a moderate amount of traffic is a big target for hacking - there are multiple attempts on our database every single day. Incapsula is a cloud-based CDN service with two key features that we would not dare to go without: protection against SQL injection and cross-site scripting."


+ Lewis Drakken, Web & Programming, Founder of Pricenfees



"The technology my Web-based consulting and coaching business can't live without is hosting from SiteGround. Sure, there are a lot of hosting solutions out there, but the speed of not only their servers, but their support response is second to none. They're clearly passionate about delivering a great hosting experience for companies large and small."


+ Sue Laurent, Business Consultant/Marketing Coach at Never Stop Marketing


Heroku & cloud9


"Heroku is absolutely essential for a small Internet company to get started quickly and securely. Their site and support is excellent and their command line interface is one of the easiest to use and integrate into our development cycle.


Additionally, for companies that are small and use a wide variety of assets and environments, the Cloud9 (pictured) ODE is a fantastic tool to keep every team member on the same page."


+ Ethan T. Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer at GymBull.com


A2 Hosting

"Recently switched to A2 Hosting, couldn't be happier with page speed, server up time and customer service. They also provide a free CDN service through CloudFlare."


+ Jonathan Whitney, Bloggeroid.com


AWS Elastic Beanstalk & CloudFront

"I've found that AWS Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFront are absolutely essential for running my website IndieHackers.com. I regularly release new interviews the founders of popular businesses, many of which go viral, and the combo of scalability from Elastic Beanstalk and caching from CloudFront are invaluable."


+ Courtland Allen, Founder of Indie Hackers


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