My Favorite CMS Is... [Essential Tech Part 2]

Website Magazine recently asked 'Net professionals what technology their Web-based business cannot operate without.

From analytics to virtual assistants, the answers were as diverse as they were interesting. This week, we're releasing their answers by category: social and mobile technology (found here), development and infrastructure (found here), content management systems (shown below) and other solutions to run your digital business (coming soon).  As you might imagine, WordPress was a popular answer so we've compiled submissions related to this content management system and one other, below:


"For my own business, as well as my clients, I can't live without WordPress. As my number one choice of CMS, it allows me to have full control and flexibility on the websites, with the backing of a community to help you if you are stuck."

+ Ahmed Khalifa, Founder & Director of IgniteRock

"For both my clients and myself, I always use WordPress, as well as a security solution and automatic backup tool (I like WordFence and BackUp Buddy). If ecommerce is needed, WooCommerce is the best."

+ Laura Stinson, Designer at Designed By Laura

"Our website is the lifeblood of our business. Without it we wouldn't exist. Our CMS of choice is WordPress, and we believe in it in every way. It's an SEO juggernaut, easy for any employee to handle, built to high coding standards and functionally powerful for any type of business."

+ Chris Newsom, Founder of Finrod's Festive Wear


"OK - the one technology our business can't operate without? It's Wagtail, our CMS - which we chose out of left field, and has become indispensable. It's Python based, open source, with an active developer community. Best feature? 'Streamfields' let you build pages from different content types without having to define every template in advance. It's super flexible and user friendly."

+ Mark Churchill, Digital Marketing Manager at Wealth Club

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