SERP Change for Yahoo/Firefox Users

Yahoo is retooling and redesigning its search results page for those using Firefox on their desktop computers.

When users search through Yahoo for famous people or movies, they will be presented with a strip of related videos and images across the top of the page. But that's not all.

Yahoo, likely influenced by its redesigned mobile experience as well as similar adjustments made by competitors including Google and Bing, is now providing users with more immediate access to results from specific sites.

From the convenience of the search results page, Yahoo users will now be able to retrieve the latest movie information from IMDB, check movie times and purchase tickets from Fandango, click to listen or purchase music from iTunes, and access photos and reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Yahoo is also going to start taking better advantage Flickr. When users are signed in they will be presented with their own personal photos (when available).

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