What Do You Use Marketing Automation For? (Part II)

As part of our marketing automation series, Website Magazine asked your marketing peers what they use marketing automation for. 

While the question is simplistic in nature, many marketing automation users are not making the most out of their systems - falling into the same patterns without exploring other features. What's more, the answers can help those enterprises who have yet to dive into automation or are thinking about switching vendors. Let's take a look.

What Do You Use Marketing Automation For?

john-headshot"The absolute simplest version of marketing automation is automated followup. When a lead subscribes to a client's blog or downloads and ebook, we send them a strategically timed series of emails to deliver the requested content, introduce them to the business, suggest new content - all tailored around the nature of the content the user suggested. As the user interacts more with the business, we use rules to further segment who the user is so we can center content around the user, rather than the business. For example, if the user is a doctor in California, we can send information about how to join 15 top specialists in California by listing her practice on the organization's website. Or, if the user is a patient in Ohio, we can deliver information on how to search the 21 qualified doctors in Ohio for his illness by treatment method."

" Jon Saxton, Inbound Marketing Executive at PHOS Creative
 Mark-Colgan-close"We use marketing automation to nurture prospects from our website into paying customers. Depending on the type of prospect (buyer persona) we've set up a number of workflows that are triggered when a contact completes a form or engages with our content. Then emails communicating the value of our product and other key messaging like testimonials, case studies and more valuable content. 

We also use marketing automation to alert the sales team when prospects interact with the company. This could be when they open an email, click on any link in an email, visit important pages (like the pricing page) and any other interactions with our website. This helps the sales team have informed conversations with prospects which ultimately shortens the sales cycle."

" Mark Colgan, B2B SaaS Marketing Automation Consultant at https://www.yellowo.co.uk

ben"For a business to grow and succeed, it has to scale. Unfortunately, it's difficult to scale without a little help from automation software. Automation tools makes businesses optimally efficient, helping to scale up a process that is working."

" Ben Parr, CMO of Octane AI
gregTwo ways:

1. To help my company (we use it to nurture relationships and create sales-ready leads for MarketSmart)

2. To develop my product (my automation system) to help organizations and institutions raise money for their good causes

" Greg Warner, CEO & Founder at MarketSmart 

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